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Online Registration Agreement

  1. NEEA holds ownership of this website and candidates must agree to the terms and conditions set forth here to proceed with online registration.
  2. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the Registration Procedure.
  3. I guarantee that all personal information I submit during user registration is true and accurate. I assume all responsibility for my not being able to take the test and for any direct or indirect consequences caused by false or incorrect personal information I submit.
  4. After submission of my personal information, my successful user registration constitutes my commitment to the authenticity, accuracy and legal liability of my personal information. I therefore will not change my personal information.
  5. After my successful registration as a user, I will use the combination of password defined by myself and the user ID assigned to me by the system to sign in. I will safeguard my password and user ID and make sure they will not be revealed to anyone. Otherwise, I will be responsible for all consequences.
  6. I understand and agree that the owner of this website will not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for any irregularities that occur in online payment systems by relevant banks.
  7. I understand and agree that during the course of my registration, the owner of this website will not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for candidates not being able to register as a result of conditions beyond NEEA's control.
  8. I understand and agree that, if technical problems of this website affect my taking the test after confirmation of my registration and I choose to claim damages, possible compensations will only include assistance to re-register or a full refund of test fees. The owner of this website will not be responsible for any other consequences.
  9. Any modifications to the online registration procedure subject to change, upon announcements made by this website.